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Cake Researcher

Never stop being amazed

Why Cake Researcher

The founder of Cake Researcher Jie Li is a cake addict and a full-time researcher ( That is where “Cake Researcher” originates from.

What we do

The idea behind Cake Researcher is simple: making beautiful and tasty cakes. Inspired by Asian style desserts, we develop our unique recipes, using high-quality seasonal ingredients, and serving mind-blowing beautiful cakes lower in fat and sugar. You will also find seriously roasted coffee, cake/arts workshops, arts exhibitions and many other amazing things at our shop.


Embracing diversity

We are Jie and Haozheng, the hands and the brains behind Cake Researcher. Besides Cake Researcher, we are the parents of a little girl and both have a full-time job. Jie is a Human-Computer Interaction researcher and Haozheng is an automotive designer. We love diversity, so we are continuously experimenting with new cakes and new possibilities in life.


Looking forward to sharing our happiness with you at Cake Researcher.

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From the Clients



“This is an amazingly beautiful cake and I love the fantastic decoration on it and the colors!”


​Miss Morrison

“Delft, we hope you can handle the most beautiful cakes ever.”


Shumeng Chang

“We ordered our wedding cakes from Cake Researcher, and it proves to be the best choice ever! We received a lot of compliments from our guests, many people told us that these are the most beautiful and delicious wedding cakes they've ever had!”

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